Black Lives Matter demonstrator sit in the streets of Paris, France after refusing orders from the police to disperse. This demonstration occurred after the alleged molestation of a black child by a school teacher, June 2016
A Black Lives Matter demonstrator stares down police blocking the road in Paris, France, June 2016
After jeering police, a few demonstrators kiss and hug police officers to diffuse the growing tension, Place de République, Paris. June 2016
As protests grow in size and frequency in Paris, so does the presence of riot-control police officers. "It's tense," said Anatole, a Paris resident. "You can tell how nervous the police are and that makes everyone else nervous too."
A demonstrator covers their face as police begin using pepper spray and tear-gas on the crowd, Paris, France June 2016.
Professor Thor uses a balloon to demonstrate the scale of a Blue Whale's penis in his "Monstrous Bodies" course at Western Washington University.
A WWU student stands in the rain for hours as an act of solidarity following terrorist bombings in Paris and Lebanon.
Activists participate in an exercise demonstrating how government bodies and corporations can interfere with or damage communities.
Volunteers release balloons to mark the end of a successful fundraiser in support of autism awareness nonprofits.
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